Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Join the Kenyan Illuminati for power, fame and wealth

It is no longer a secret. Our secret society is the talk of for novels,  websites,  movies, and even video games. Many people have already realized that we the Illuminati rule the world and will continue to do the same.

It is hard work controlling 7 billion people, being responsible for their welfare. For that we need talented people from all spheres in life. Whether you are a doctor, engineer, musician teacher name it, we have a place for you. We need dedicated individuals to help us in the establishment of a New World Order.

For your help you will be rewarded with:
  • A luxury holiday in any part of the world you will choose.
  • Three cars for personal use and for carrying out missions you are assigned.
  • A home in the leafy suburbs 
  • Flight tickets to different destinations of the world all year round.
  • A working business or top job so that people do not question the source of your wealth.
  • Guaranteed power, fame and success.
  • Success in relationships guaranteed e.g If you want a certain man or woman you can get them.
  • USD 200, 000 yearly membership payback.
If you would like to join the elite brotherhood the SMS your details to +254718967449

We will then decide whether you qualify or not. 

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

What you gain by joining the Illuminati Club in Kenya

Joining the elite club of the illuminati Kenya is the easiset way to riches, fame and opportunity. Whether you are looking for:
  • Love
  • Money
  • Power
  • Fame
  • Revenge
  • Prosperity
  • Success in business
You can get all those. When you have been approved to join, we will give you:
  • $1000000 to help you settle down and become an elite member
  • $25000  every month to cater for you needs as you will be under our service.
  • A car that you will use when we send you on missions
  • A house in Runda, Karen or Lavington away from the public where you can hold worship services and where we will be meeting.
  • A well paying job so that no one questions where you get your money from.
To join us SMS us on: +254718967449

If we consider you worthy we will help yu join the Great Illuminati Kingdom of Money.

Friday, 1 May 2015

How to join Illuminati in Kenya

Are you tired of being poor? Ready to join the enlightened ones in Kenya and receive connections, money, women/ men success and happiness? We are here to help you. Don’t remain at the bottom of the pyramid when you could be at the top and have servants at you beck and call.
Illuminati is real. We control the industry, the money, the government and even your thoughts. We are in Kenya and we are here to establish a new world order. An order where the rule of the law and not the rule of the jungle will lead the way.
We know you have been trying to contact us. We know you have been trying to join us and we are here to help you.
Money, power, wealth will be added unto you.
We only ask one thing from you. You will never under any circumstances reveal our identity to anyone. Failure to that you will wish we have never met.
To contact us SMS us on: +254718967449
We will send you our forms and ask you to fulfill any other requirements